FMP: Working on Adverts

I next wanted to work on the adverts for social media. Theses need to be eye catching and stand out on the audiences feed. I knew I wanted to juxtapose the text with some relevant images of a person. I experimented with some images trying to covey the taking away of data or of yourself as its your personal data. I really liked the distorted faces being dragged to the side to reference the taking of data. It shows that well. I also liked the faceless ones to symbolise the same thing. I think these are the most successful images, which my peers agreed with, and are quite interesting to look at.

Having done my trials I now wanted to rough out what the gifs will be saying. I actually saw this post on reddit about a newspaper advert. Its by an internet safety company who called out 50 senators for voting to allow monitoring of our internet access for their monetary gain. At the bottom they have 3 reasons why they are calling them out: for monitoring, manipulating and selling our data. I thought this was really interesting, this is the exact issue Im am working with right now and they summed it up so well in 3 reasons. I wanted to use these 3 reasons because they are exactly what is wrong with data issues today. So my plan is to create 3 gifs one for each issue.

Below are the gifs I created using the type expeirrmts and the images. I like how they are so far. I am still unsure on the legibility which I want to check with on my next critique. I think they stand out and look good so far. I next wanted to get start on the app for this campaign.

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