D4RL: Final Upadtes

I have updated the app for this project quite a lot. One of the things I did was rethink the colour scheme so it is brighter and so they worked better for all types of colour blindness. I used a website that helped me see the new colour scheme through different lenses. All of the colours worked out well and still stood out from one another. I also changed the imagery to make it simpler to understand. I used a repeated road scene to link app pages together and hopefully make it easier to understand for the users.

Colour blindness chart for the colour scheme and example of how it works:

Competition: Final Updates

For my final updates to my competition brief, there were a few updates I thought were necessary. The first being to make the website more professional looking as I felt I could do better to make it look more realistic and ergonomic. The second was something that was briefly mentioned in my last critique which was that to make sure the campaign branding is consistent. I did both of these and I feel the campaign came out nicely and much more professional looking. I feel happy with my outcome and I feel it fits the brief.

D4RL: Updated Outcomes

After receiving my feedback I have been able to improve this project which I was really happy about. I felt after I had finished that I wanted to change up the colour scheme but it was too late. In my feedback brightening the colours was one of the things that was mentioned, so I still picked new fresh colours that were appropriate for colour blindness but that brightened up the look. I think it looks a lot happier and uplifting now exactly what I wanted for this brief. The other aspect that was mentioned was having a user journey for my app which I have now added. I’m feeling a lot better about how this app looks, I would love in future to create more for the app. I could do this for my upcoming portfolio.