OnDisplay – Outcomes

Overall I am feeling ok about this project. This project certainly isn’t my best work, it was a big project that was definitely challenging for me. I have learnt how ever that I should not put my work off and try to work on it even if I am not feeling to great. My uni work is very important to me and I need to better myself going forward. For the actual outcome I feel it is cohesive in design and represents the exhibition well. I just think I could have pushed myself harder to create something I am proud of.

OnDisplay – Critique

I had a critique today to go over my visual ideas and to see how I was getting on. My peers liked the sketches and ideas and felt the style suit the theme of the exhibit. However they felt I should be a little further ahead than I already am which I do understand. This is something I need to work on and will do going forward. Some feedback they gave me was to consider creating a website swell to have all the correct information about the exhibit on for guests. This can be on the Cornell Tech website. This is something I will definitely do I think its important to have somewhere for people to go and find out information. I will now really get on and create my outcomes.

OnDisplay – Ephemera

I needed to choose what would be most appropriate for my outcomes and what was needed for the brief. I came to the conclusion of making an itinerary for the exhibit as there would be scheduled speakers. Its suppose to be a high class event so something of this sort would be helpful for guests. I also decided on a hardback book of the exhibit, including pieces written by the speakers and relevant people from the field. This can be purchased at the event. Theses two would accompany the way signs and posters that are a must for this project. I then started to thumbnail down some ideas for the look.

Above I started some sketches the ephemera, I tried to keep the styles the same throughout. I also wanted to keep this scientific feel. I wanted to inbrase the coding and technological side while also referring to etymology and the meaning of works.

OnDisplay – Cornell Tech

I wanted to do some research into where I could hold the exhibition. I thought a good place might be a university as they are up to date and are a brilliant place to learn. While looking around I found Cornell Tech in NYC while is a technologies university. They say they are a ‘revolutionary model for graduate education that fuses technology with business and creative thinking’. Cornell Tech pride themselves on their modern facilities and prestigious accomplishments in their respected fields. They ‘focuses on creating pioneering leaders and technologies for the digital age’. Because of this I felt they were a good place to hold an exhibition that would have important speakers from the field while also having a professional feel. An important thing to note is that their colour story is of blues, this is something I should consider for my own to keep the branding collective.

OnDisplay – Ideas Critique

I had an ideas critique with my peers before I left for the holidays. My peers said they liked my ideas and the way I was going with it. They thought it could make a successful exhibit with lots to work with. Some things they suggested was to think whether I wanted take it a literal route or a more abstract one. Considering my target audience of knowledgable people I wanted to keep it more literal and find ways to make the facts look interesting. I feel having an abstract approach doesn’t fit with an audience who already knows a lot about the subject. They also suggested I think of where the event will be held as I hadn’t thought about this yet and its quite important. It will effect the branding and style of my outcomes. Lastly my peers just suggested that I should start getting some visual ideas down for ephemera and branding.

OnDisplay – Christian Dior

For a more in-depth look into an exhibition I took a look at the new Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition by the V&A. The branding at first glance is very signature Dior with the elegant typeface, subdued colour story and vintage style. The exhibition page on the V&A website is very collected and combines both company styles which work really well together. The colour story is a black, cream and cherry red which feels very vintage and classical, perfect for Dior. The cherry red gives it that pop of colour the branding needs and adds some excitement. As for the Typeface it is Dior’s signature typeface throughout the branding and ephemera to bring everything together. For the ephemera on the website I can see a hardback book, postcard wallet and tote bag. I think they all suit the classy expensive style and are relevant for the audience. The hardback book is a really nice ideas, good for collectors and fashion students. This might be a good idea for my exhibit, as mine will be knowledgeable people of the field they might have the interest and disposable income to purchase a book. Overall the exhibit is so classic and cohesive, it fits the audience very well. It has me thinking about what I need to create now for my exhibit. I think this will be next on my list.