OnDisplay – Christian Dior

For a more in-depth look into an exhibition I took a look at the new Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition by the V&A. The branding at first glance is very signature Dior with the elegant typeface, subdued colour story and vintage style. The exhibition page on the V&A website is very collected and combines both company styles which work really well together. The colour story is a black, cream and cherry red which feels very vintage and classical, perfect for Dior. The cherry red gives it that pop of colour the branding needs and adds some excitement. As for the Typeface it is Dior’s signature typeface throughout the branding and ephemera to bring everything together. For the ephemera on the website I can see a hardback book, postcard wallet and tote bag. I think they all suit the classy expensive style and are relevant for the audience. The hardback book is a really nice ideas, good for collectors and fashion students. This might be a good idea for my exhibit, as mine will be knowledgeable people of the field they might have the interest and disposable income to purchase a book. Overall the exhibit is so classic and cohesive, it fits the audience very well. It has me thinking about what I need to create now for my exhibit. I think this will be next on my list.


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