FMP: Working on App

Here I wanted to start on creating the app. I only managed to get a bit done before the critique. I did create a user journey though for how the user is meant to navigate the app, this is just the introduction. It starts with a login page, which is there so users can send messages to professionals if they have problems online. Its a 24/7 support chat room meant to help other if they are having issues with data protection. It will next go into an introduction for the app so they know what the app is for and how it can help them. It will then lead them to the homepage. I tried to keep the interface easy to use but still fun and colourful. I also tried to keep the text to a minimum and not use large blocks of text as it might bore the reader. This goes for the imagery also.

Some feedback I received was to rethink the image on the login pages as it doesn’t work on each page the same. I was also told I need to finish the homepage and make it as easy to use as possible.

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