FMP: Further Developments

From my critiques I changed out the pictures to have two of the same one. It is easy for the eyes to recognise. I also changed the colours around so there isn’t a colour repeated too may times. I really like how the gifs are looking. I feel they would look good in someones feed. For the app I adapted the logins screens further so the pictures sits better in the compilation. I also adapted the wording throughout the app to make it easier to read and check for spelling mistakes, which there were some. Lastly, I added the imagery for the blue slides. I used free stock imagery to match with the gifs and mixed that in with block graphics.

FMP: Developments

Some feedback I received from a critique was that the writing on my gifs could be more legible. I changed this by adding in a white layer of ext. My peers also said that the movement was to quick so I slowed it down a bit. For my app I adapted the picture of the app on the login page so it fits better with the design. I also changed the home screen layout so I could fit bigger boxes in allowing m to add relevant imagers to correspond with the subject. Another thing I added is the pages for why you should keep your data safe online. I tried to keep the text easy to read but I think I may go over it again to make it even easier. So far I am liking how this project is going. I think it could stand out on someones feed. I just need to change a few bits before I am happy.

FMP: Working on App

Here I wanted to start on creating the app. I only managed to get a bit done before the critique. I did create a user journey though for how the user is meant to navigate the app, this is just the introduction. It starts with a login page, which is there so users can send messages to professionals if they have problems online. Its a 24/7 support chat room meant to help other if they are having issues with data protection. It will next go into an introduction for the app so they know what the app is for and how it can help them. It will then lead them to the homepage. I tried to keep the interface easy to use but still fun and colourful. I also tried to keep the text to a minimum and not use large blocks of text as it might bore the reader. This goes for the imagery also.

Some feedback I received was to rethink the image on the login pages as it doesn’t work on each page the same. I was also told I need to finish the homepage and make it as easy to use as possible.

FMP: Working on Adverts

I next wanted to work on the adverts for social media. Theses need to be eye catching and stand out on the audiences feed. I knew I wanted to juxtapose the text with some relevant images of a person. I experimented with some images trying to covey the taking away of data or of yourself as its your personal data. I really liked the distorted faces being dragged to the side to reference the taking of data. It shows that well. I also liked the faceless ones to symbolise the same thing. I think these are the most successful images, which my peers agreed with, and are quite interesting to look at.

Having done my trials I now wanted to rough out what the gifs will be saying. I actually saw this post on reddit about a newspaper advert. Its by an internet safety company who called out 50 senators for voting to allow monitoring of our internet access for their monetary gain. At the bottom they have 3 reasons why they are calling them out: for monitoring, manipulating and selling our data. I thought this was really interesting, this is the exact issue Im am working with right now and they summed it up so well in 3 reasons. I wanted to use these 3 reasons because they are exactly what is wrong with data issues today. So my plan is to create 3 gifs one for each issue.

Below are the gifs I created using the type expeirrmts and the images. I like how they are so far. I am still unsure on the legibility which I want to check with on my next critique. I think they stand out and look good so far. I next wanted to get start on the app for this campaign.

FMP: Exploring Experimental Type

In the last blog I mentioned I wanted to explore further some experiments type for this campaign. I feel like an exciting typeface will be engaging to my audience and hopefully would stick out on their already busy feed. I wanted to go for a distorted glitching effect to reference the topic of internet safety. The distortions reference the wrong doing that can happen online if you aren’t careful with your own personal data. Below is a mood-board I collected for inspiration.

In the trials I did I used different opacities and effects to render different results. One thing I had to be wary of is keeping it edible, I sometimes struggle with this maybe because my eye sight is not very good anyway. With these trials I stuck mostly to the glitchy and morphing to show a change in state or a disturbance in the norm. Its supposed to show something isn’t right.

Below are two that I liked the most. They have the bright fun colour scheme mixed with the glitchy effect. I think it works well for the project I just want to make sure it is legible to everyone as these will be flashing between imagery. The light blue shade happened when I changed the hue on the type, I do however like the light blue too and it has me thinking bout changing the colour scheme to include the light blue and the darker colours of the pink and yellow. I want to trial some more and see. Next I’m going to be starting on the social media adverts.

FMP: The Re-branding

After looking back at the branding I started previously I felt really uninspired, a week had past where I didn’t do much work because of moving, so I felt I wanted to rethink and come up with another image bank for some inspiration. I felt incorporating more colours into the campaign could be a good idea and could brighten up the branding. I also wanted to re look at the type experiments and create something a bit more interesting to look at.

I first wanted to pick out a new typeface. I love the idea of using old Word type graphics as a retro nod but mixing that with current colours and glitch effects. This type of retro styling with bright colours is really popular right now so it might catch the eye of my target audience. Above are some of the typefaces that I was deciding between. I chose to use Fredoka One as it has those retro vibes but still feel modern and current.

For the colour scheme I created quite a few swatches that I was interested in. I tried to keep them colourful and bright to engage and excite the audience. They are also colour schemes that I think are quite current and the generation I am targeting might like. The two I like the most are the two largest text trials. One is slightly 90’s feeling with the muted yet colourful choice and the other is very bright, modern and slightly kitchy. However, because I want a very bright, eye catching campaign I think I am going to go with the one on the left. Its more modern feeling and the colours are quite current.

Above are a few ideas of the type I want to create for this brand. In my creative brief I mentioned that I want to create an experimental typeface which I still want to do. I think next id like to look at some distorted type and experiment some more to create a typeface that would fit this campaign.

FMP: The Planning

After the recent updates I have decided to just more forward with the adverts for the campaign and the website. I could create other relevant things along the way if I see fit but I will see how it goes. For now I wanted to think about how I will get the attention of the target audience thorough the social media ads. They have to be bold and stand out against the hundreds of other posts online. I did start the branding for the project but looking back I don’t feel very inspired and I feel I could do something better. I know I want to change the colour scheme as I felt restricted to the two colours I had picked. The colours will be really important to stand out. I think something else that will help them to stand out is if they are moving image much like the ones I saw in my research. They could be quick snappy little gifs that grab the audiences attention. Maybe with changing colours, so it’s really stand out. I do have to take in to account though how I will say the message in a quick little ad. This is why below I had started mapping this out.

One of my ideas were to have text which is something jarring about the topic flashing between the morphed faces that I was experimenting previously with. Then in the caption to the advert it explains the campaign and refers them to the website. My peers thought this idea could be good and quite meaningful. Coming up with the text however is my downfall as I’m not great with words. I spoke to my peers about it and come up with a few sentences. I think a few of them could be worked on and could work for the adverts for this campaign. They just need to be mixed with really strong branding and imagery which hopefully will intrigue my audience.

For the website I started to roughly map out a user journey. I know for the target audience it needs to be easy to use and not have tons of bulky information so it doesn’t scare them off. I tried to keep it really user friendly and spaced out so there aren’t huge blocks of text that bore the user. I next want to relook at the branding and start on the designing.

FMP: Updates

So there have been a few changes to this project and in life recently. The degree show is no longer happening as planned and I have moved back home. I have been off for a week trying to understand the changes happening to our course and the world. Its really pretty shit to have this all happen within out final major project but there’s nothing we can do. I have adapted my plans however, for example I feel like I may not do the editorial piece. I was initially creating it to have something physical to display for the degree show but now the show is not taking place I feel I may drop it. I also spoke to my peers and they said it was a lot of work so it may be good to focus my attention solely onto the advertisement and spread of information for this campaign. This has definitely thrown me off kilter but i’m trying to continue the project as if its all fine. Next Im still going to continue with the planning of the website and online adverts.

FMP: The Branding

For the branding of this campaign I know it needs to be really strong, consistent and exciting for my audience. I want to built a really good brand for this campaign so I can show it in my portfolio. I first created an image board of a theme that I wanted. I felt like a glitchy, modern and slightly jarring theme could work well to shock and intrigue the audience. The shock coming from distorted faces of ‘users’ online to show that change to anonymity. A face is such a recognisable feature and when its distorted it becomes a little creepy which is what I wanted to play on. The internet can be creepy and that’s what I want the audience to get from the imagery. To emphasise the glitch affect I wanted to use colours that symbolise glitching such as pink and blue or pink and green. I went ahead and played around with some colours, type and image. I am using the title ‘Your Data Your choice’ at the moment as I think its ok but I might be able to think of something else.

I went through a few typefaces but I liked Helvetica because it looks like it could be on your regular computer screen, it also worked well with the glitching effect. I initially enjoyed the green and pink colours together as I felt it had a pop and really emphasis the glitch. I think the last type experiments look pretty good and kind of trippy. I hope this will get the attention of the target audience online when they are scrolling through hundreds of posts a day. Thats the plan anyway. I also played with some image and how I could distort the face. Theses experiments came out really cool looking and a little eery which works well with the subject. My tutor said that some could look quite successful, the face with the mixed cubes for instance was a striking one. This was a good experiment and got my create juices flowing. I feel like some of these imagery could be taken forward and used in the campaign. I just need to play around some more.

Overall Im happy with where I am at the minute, except being a little behind. I think now I have an idea of where I want to go with this, now I want to thumbnail my ideas for the social media adverts, website and editorial. I want to make sure everything is consistent and easy to use so this is important to map out.