FMP: Exploring Experimental Type

In the last blog I mentioned I wanted to explore further some experiments type for this campaign. I feel like an exciting typeface will be engaging to my audience and hopefully would stick out on their already busy feed. I wanted to go for a distorted glitching effect to reference the topic of internet safety. The distortions reference the wrong doing that can happen online if you aren’t careful with your own personal data. Below is a mood-board I collected for inspiration.

In the trials I did I used different opacities and effects to render different results. One thing I had to be wary of is keeping it edible, I sometimes struggle with this maybe because my eye sight is not very good anyway. With these trials I stuck mostly to the glitchy and morphing to show a change in state or a disturbance in the norm. Its supposed to show something isn’t right.

Below are two that I liked the most. They have the bright fun colour scheme mixed with the glitchy effect. I think it works well for the project I just want to make sure it is legible to everyone as these will be flashing between imagery. The light blue shade happened when I changed the hue on the type, I do however like the light blue too and it has me thinking bout changing the colour scheme to include the light blue and the darker colours of the pink and yellow. I want to trial some more and see. Next I’m going to be starting on the social media adverts.

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