FMP: The Branding

For the branding of this campaign I know it needs to be really strong, consistent and exciting for my audience. I want to built a really good brand for this campaign so I can show it in my portfolio. I first created an image board of a theme that I wanted. I felt like a glitchy, modern and slightly jarring theme could work well to shock and intrigue the audience. The shock coming from distorted faces of ‘users’ online to show that change to anonymity. A face is such a recognisable feature and when its distorted it becomes a little creepy which is what I wanted to play on. The internet can be creepy and that’s what I want the audience to get from the imagery. To emphasise the glitch affect I wanted to use colours that symbolise glitching such as pink and blue or pink and green. I went ahead and played around with some colours, type and image. I am using the title ‘Your Data Your choice’ at the moment as I think its ok but I might be able to think of something else.

I went through a few typefaces but I liked Helvetica because it looks like it could be on your regular computer screen, it also worked well with the glitching effect. I initially enjoyed the green and pink colours together as I felt it had a pop and really emphasis the glitch. I think the last type experiments look pretty good and kind of trippy. I hope this will get the attention of the target audience online when they are scrolling through hundreds of posts a day. Thats the plan anyway. I also played with some image and how I could distort the face. Theses experiments came out really cool looking and a little eery which works well with the subject. My tutor said that some could look quite successful, the face with the mixed cubes for instance was a striking one. This was a good experiment and got my create juices flowing. I feel like some of these imagery could be taken forward and used in the campaign. I just need to play around some more.

Overall Im happy with where I am at the minute, except being a little behind. I think now I have an idea of where I want to go with this, now I want to thumbnail my ideas for the social media adverts, website and editorial. I want to make sure everything is consistent and easy to use so this is important to map out.

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