FMP: Updates

So there have been a few changes to this project and in life recently. The degree show is no longer happening as planned and I have moved back home. I have been off for a week trying to understand the changes happening to our course and the world. Its really pretty shit to have this all happen within out final major project but there’s nothing we can do. I have adapted my plans however, for example I feel like I may not do the editorial piece. I was initially creating it to have something physical to display for the degree show but now the show is not taking place I feel I may drop it. I also spoke to my peers and they said it was a lot of work so it may be good to focus my attention solely onto the advertisement and spread of information for this campaign. This has definitely thrown me off kilter but i’m trying to continue the project as if its all fine. Next Im still going to continue with the planning of the website and online adverts.

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