FMP: Finalising the Concept

After doing some research on existing campaigns I really needed to nail down the content of my campaign. I knew I wanted to have an information campaign for young people to tell them the benefits of anonymity online. This will be an online campaign so I will need to make promotional material for big social media sites like facebook, instagram, reddit. These places are where I think my target audience will be. I think I will try make posters or moving image for these sites so I can attract my audience and get them interested in what Im trying to say. Theses posters will have to stand out and be interesting so the audience clicks on a link to a website. This will be the second thing I make which will hold all the relevant information. I will have to be very conscious of how I design the website so they don’t look like even other tech based website I looked and aren’t boring to the audience. On the website I will have reasons why to be anonymous and how you can take the steps to become anonymous. This will all have to be really user friendly and not bulky information, it needs to be easy to learn from. The attention span of younger people isn’t that much something, I should know. The last thing I will create is an accompanying editorial piece which will hopefully be a driving force for the campaign. I am thinking of having it have some educational aspect and some written by myself about what the world will be like in the future if we continue on this path, the path being a lack of protection for our personal data. This will be quite a big undertaking for me and a lot of work but I look forward to it. I think next I want to start on the branding for the campaign. I feel the overall look will be important for attracting young people who might see amazing things online all the time so its important to stand out and excite. Its also important to have a strong brand, Meet the Malware showed this in their kids campaign which I felt worked really well for the target audience. On to the designing.

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