FMP: The Re-branding

After looking back at the branding I started previously I felt really uninspired, a week had past where I didn’t do much work because of moving, so I felt I wanted to rethink and come up with another image bank for some inspiration. I felt incorporating more colours into the campaign could be a good idea and could brighten up the branding. I also wanted to re look at the type experiments and create something a bit more interesting to look at.

I first wanted to pick out a new typeface. I love the idea of using old Word type graphics as a retro nod but mixing that with current colours and glitch effects. This type of retro styling with bright colours is really popular right now so it might catch the eye of my target audience. Above are some of the typefaces that I was deciding between. I chose to use Fredoka One as it has those retro vibes but still feel modern and current.

For the colour scheme I created quite a few swatches that I was interested in. I tried to keep them colourful and bright to engage and excite the audience. They are also colour schemes that I think are quite current and the generation I am targeting might like. The two I like the most are the two largest text trials. One is slightly 90’s feeling with the muted yet colourful choice and the other is very bright, modern and slightly kitchy. However, because I want a very bright, eye catching campaign I think I am going to go with the one on the left. Its more modern feeling and the colours are quite current.

Above are a few ideas of the type I want to create for this brand. In my creative brief I mentioned that I want to create an experimental typeface which I still want to do. I think next id like to look at some distorted type and experiment some more to create a typeface that would fit this campaign.

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