FMP: The Planning

After the recent updates I have decided to just more forward with the adverts for the campaign and the website. I could create other relevant things along the way if I see fit but I will see how it goes. For now I wanted to think about how I will get the attention of the target audience thorough the social media ads. They have to be bold and stand out against the hundreds of other posts online. I did start the branding for the project but looking back I don’t feel very inspired and I feel I could do something better. I know I want to change the colour scheme as I felt restricted to the two colours I had picked. The colours will be really important to stand out. I think something else that will help them to stand out is if they are moving image much like the ones I saw in my research. They could be quick snappy little gifs that grab the audiences attention. Maybe with changing colours, so it’s really stand out. I do have to take in to account though how I will say the message in a quick little ad. This is why below I had started mapping this out.

One of my ideas were to have text which is something jarring about the topic flashing between the morphed faces that I was experimenting previously with. Then in the caption to the advert it explains the campaign and refers them to the website. My peers thought this idea could be good and quite meaningful. Coming up with the text however is my downfall as I’m not great with words. I spoke to my peers about it and come up with a few sentences. I think a few of them could be worked on and could work for the adverts for this campaign. They just need to be mixed with really strong branding and imagery which hopefully will intrigue my audience.

For the website I started to roughly map out a user journey. I know for the target audience it needs to be easy to use and not have tons of bulky information so it doesn’t scare them off. I tried to keep it really user friendly and spaced out so there aren’t huge blocks of text that bore the user. I next want to relook at the branding and start on the designing.

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