FMP: Initial Ideas

After completing my last piece of research I felt it was a good idea to start thinking about what I want to say and how I might say it with this project. Taking what I have learnt from my research, I want to make my target audience aware of the benefits of anonymity online. I also want to bring awareness to the dangers that can occur from your personal data being online. I hope this will enact a change in the way some may navigate the online world. Also speaking about target audience, I think I should narrow an age gap down so its easier to design for. In my creative brief I just wrote down people who may overshare and use the internet frequently. I think targeting younger people like 16-25 as these are the audience at the moment who virtually live their lives online. I think they would be benefit from some other perspectives in safety and anonymity online.

Now down to my ideas for this project. I did jot down some ideas about what I could create. I need to think about how I am going to communicate the message and how I can make it incising and interesting to the audience. Ultimately for this project a campaign would be the best way to go. I could create branding that could be shown across different social media platforms or even frequent places that this age group might be at i.e school, uni, bars, youth clubs. This campaign could be a resource for schools but then I’m excluding the later audience. When having an ideas critique my tutor agreed that an online campaign would be appropriate for this project. However, I do have to think about designing for a degree show so I should have something to display. Perhaps an editorial piece to promote the campaign. I did have the idea to create a critical piece of design where I took someone I knew and found out every bit of information on these and then display this just to show how easy it is to find out about people online. It could be quite jarring but my tutor said it could be an ethics issue and I might have to get certain permission to do so.

I spoke to my tutor about these ideas and he said he enjoyed the thought of a brand or campaign with an editorial idea as a basis. He said that it is important that you have substantial content for an editorial and that it needs to have substance. He also asked how would I get this information for the editorial. He mentioned a previous student who found out information on his neighbour, printed it out and put it on his door. My tutor said that this is slightly unethical without consent and that I would need to fill out an ethics protocol for this to be done. I would also need to find a willing participant. My tutor said that this idea needs to be worked out further, considering content, format and visuals. He said I need to be fully clear on what I am creating before I move forward. Lastly, he mentioned that he needs to see visuals by next week.

What I have taken from my critique is that I should go ahead with the campaign idea. I need to work out what I will put in this campaign first thought as it needs to be of substance for a final major project. Next I will look at some existing campaigns for my topic to see what’s already out there. After I will nail down the content of my campaign.

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