FMP: Existing Campaigns

After deciding on what I want to create for this project I thought it would be wise to look at existing campaigns for internet safety online. Doing an initial google search there wasn’t that much on the topic and I couldn’t find anything really for the age range I wanted to design for. A lot of the campaigns I found were for kids and internet safety. The type of information I wanted to share is mostly featured in IT websites or articles, no campaigns in sight. The information that is already out there maybe a bit of a struggle or just boring for the regular teen or young adult to find. Its made me feel a lot more confident now that a campaign for this issue will be a beneficial idea for my target audience. I hopefully can share the information without being too boring or overwhelming.

The campaigns I did find however were mostly aimed at younger children. This first one is a campaign that was launched by The Industry Trust and Into Film ahead of UK Safer Internet Day on February 201. Meet the Malwares was part of a Staying Safe Online campaign aimed at kids. It featured a short animation and educational resource for teachers. The film aimed to underline how to stay safe online when accessing Film and TV content, whilst also developing their understanding of the different types of malware and their effects, including webcam hacks, the leak of personal data and online blackmail.

I couldn’t find much information on this campaign other than an article. The video however is really engaging, has a bright fun colour scheme and is fun to watch. The animator has made it really quite enjoyable to watch, the characters help with that I think. Its great for their target audience and I imagine kids would love this. Its a nice campaign. It has got me thinking about using some type of animation for mine. Theses could be really engaging for viewers especially as they will see thousands of posts a day. Mine have to stand out.

The other campaigns I looked at aren’t to so with my subject because I just couldn’t find many. I was quite surprised by this really. Most of the information is on blogs or websites, which can be a little boring to read through. This next campaign however is really fun. It is a digital campaign for a new type of department store launching nationwide, specializing exclusively in online retailers. They want to highlight the benefits of shopping in–person, rather than online, through a series of parodic, playful images exploring the ways we can interact with physical objects.

I love the bright colours and witty images in this campaign. It’s really fun and light hearted. In this campaign they include these intriguing mind boggling design which catches your attention and makes you think. I also really enjoy the use of flashing between image and text. Its a juxtapositions and things like this really stand out on someones feed. There is a really strong branding throughout.

The next is a campaign for the womens march. This again has some really strong branding. The colour scheme has instant connotations to the subject which I enjoy. The red, pink and purple also stand out really well against each other. These posters or social media posts with the song type look so powerful. Type can be so powerful and I would like to explore this in my own designs.

Above is another campaign for nightlife inspired exhibition. It too has these bold colours that compliment each other. The use of animation through the type makes it come to life and is quite compelling to watch. I keep thinking these would look great in someone feel and would stand out nicely.

Overall I have noticed that I have been drawn to these playful, colourful designs. They really stand out and that is what I am looking for. I have also be inspired by the moving image for my social media posts as they seem to be quite engaging. The same goes for the bold typographic posters. They can be really powerful and that’s what I need to enact change or interest in my audience. I have a few ideas now coming from this research. I now want to gather up my thoughts and start thumb nailing ideas.

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