Criticality: Outcome

For the outcomes I refined the language more so they make more sense for the reader. I also neatened up the illustrations as my peers suggested. I really tried to make the comics easier for the reader to understand but still leave you thinking, which I think they do. The final comics were also put into small zines for the exhibition of our outcomes. I thought they came out well and made sense for my topic. One thing I wanted to improve was the illustrations as I feel I could make them more refined and polished.

My tutors final critiques were really helpful and did clarify some things I was still unsure on. He first mentioned that the work was of good quality and which was good to hear as that was something that I had worried about. The aspect that my tutor wasn’t sure on was if it was a critical piece of design. He said that my outcome makes sense for my topic but needs better context to fit the brief. This part, being critical design, I did struggle with from the start. I did find it a hard brief to wrap my head around at first. I do however have a plan for my updated outcome that makes these comics fit the brief of critical design.

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