Criticality: Further Developments

After deciding how I wanted to create the comics, I now wanted to make a few more and create a few small zines. I would then leave these around cafes or bars where men and women could find, read and question the content. Below are a few more ideas for scenarios. It was vital for the concept to make these seem as silly as I could make them. My ultimate plan is for the comics wittiness to amuse the reader but also leave them thinking and questioning about more realistic situations.

After I decided the two extra scenarios, I created the 3 final comic strips. I think these 3 could do with a little bit more refining of the language and illustrations so they are very clear of what is going on. Its important that the reader understands what is going on for this comic to work. If it doesn’t the reader could be left confused in a totally different way. As for the illustrations, I have never made a comic before and illustrating humans isn’t my strong suit. I did however ask my peers if they can properly understand the body language and sentiment, which they said they could. They just thought the illustrations needed to be neatened up a bit which I agree with. I now just need to refine the comics and make them into zines.

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