Dissertation made Editorial

The second part of our criticality brief is to take our dissertation, and make it into an editorial piece to be shown at our degree show in the summer. I am quite excited about this project because I love experimenting with editorial design. I am also pretty excited to hopefully have a visually good looking physical copy of something I worked so hard on for months. At the minute, of course my dissertation is looking extreme dull and boring, I’m excited to change that. The topic I chose for my dissertation is The Importance of Both Aesthetics and Function In Food and Beverage Packaging Design. I feel that it is important to note that our tutor said this project should be slightly cliche in relation to the subject. It should also show off our knowledge of typesetting and be a beautiful piece of editorial great for our portfolio. I have some ideas of where I would like to go with this already but I’d like to do some research first.

After the briefing in the morning we were invited to the library to look at the editorial book section. The small room hidden inside the library holds some really special copies of books. The ones we were shown were of interesting edition design for inspiration. I took plenty of pictures the ones below are some that I found inspiring.

The History of the World has a very playful style which I really enjoyed. I thought the colour scheme was quite sophisticated and made the red really pop. It also has a great use of hierarchy created with colour and typeface point. I just think it’s an interesting book to read, it keeps the reader on their toes while reading. I think it’s a really clever editorial piece and I find it inspiring.

I loved the vintage style of MIM. The mixed media also makes the book feel old and like something from another time. I really enjoyed flicking through the pages and feeling the different textures. This reminded me that in my dissertation I talk about packaging materials. I could use something like this in my outcome as examples of the materials spoken about.

This book above I thought was really well made. I can’t remember the name of the book unfortunately but the making of the book is so clean. I really enjoyed the use of mix media for the cover. The plain cardboard acts as a deconstructed hard cover which I think is so clever and elegant. What I really enjoyed however was the inside. Each page was made from tracing paper so the words below could be seen, this then spelled out different words on each page. I thought it was a really clever idea and perhaps something I could use in my own dissertation as I talk about different packaging materials.

I found the first day of this brief to be really helpful. I had the chance to look through some really beautiful books which I found inspiring to me. Im really excited about this project and can’t wait to get started. I think I need to brainstorm some ideas first though.

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