Clean Air Campus – Meeting the Client

Today we met with Linda Rathkey, who is our client. The meeting went really well and I’m feeling much more confident now about going forward. One of the first things she mentioned was that we should work as a group. We thought we had to work individually but after talking to our lecturer, he agreed it is best to work as a group. As she went into everything she wanted done we realised there was much more to do so a group project is defiantly the best idea. Linda firstly gave an overview of the project she is working on, Smoke Free Campus, and how we can help her. She goes on to say that the project was initially to become a smoke free campus, but because ASH Whales and AHS Scotland have both confirmed that there is no clear definition they have suggested a ‘Clean Air Campus’ approach instead. This would allow for the provision of designated smoking shelters, out of site and away from public areas and buildings. So because of this and not to push the already very known anti smoking campaign they have decided to use a Clean Air Approach instead. This then can encompass other campaigns that Cardiff universities are using such as the Next Bike’s and Met Rider which encourage less CO2 usage. Overall Linda wants this campaign to be more uplifting and encouraging for students, staff and visitors.

Other aspects Linda mentions is that she wants this campaign to be across all Cardiff University campuses so needs to have a good structure and continuity. She stated that a logo for this new Clean Air Approach is really important. Something else she wants is possibly directional signage to the designated smoking spots so its easy for students and guests to find even when hidden away. Linda concluded by saying she knows its a lot of work and that this project is very new and is still be worked on. She says that the most important task is to get this message out about the Clean Air approach as no students know about it currently and it is starting in September this year. We just need to create a strong campaign to let students know what is happening. Im quite excited about going forward. Linda gave me some resources to look at so this is what I’ll be doing next.

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