Clean Air Campus

This is the start of task 4 within our Persuasion topic. We were given the choice of our subjects and I chose the Smoke Free Campus one. I didn’t really feel drawn to any of the topics however I thought this one was quite interesting because I would be working with the university. As a student I know what stands out to me and I know what grabs my attention so I think it could be a fun task to experiment with. The thought of a clean air campus is quite new to me, so it will be fascinating to see what else the university has come up with to keep the campus air clean. My initial thoughts on the project is that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. I will need to come up with a complete information campaign in not a lot of time, lucky we have the holidays to add some more time. Depending on the budget and what the client wants I hope to come up with some different and creative solutions to inform the student and staff. I know from being on campus that a bold colourful graphic design is what stands out to me, so I should consider this when thinking of ideas. Next up is to meet the client, I want to get her opinion on the creative brief and see exactly what she is looking for. In preparation I’ve written a few questions down so I don’t forget.

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