Clean Air Campus – Group Meeting

Today we met as a group to discuss the project. Before we broke up for half term there were ideas to talk about and things we wanted to finalise. One of the first things was a colours scheme and typeface because these will help to create continuity though out our pieces. We knew Linda wanted a theme close to the Universities colours to match so we took these swatches from the universities palette. There is quite a few and they match very nicely with the muted tone. I do wish we could have had some brighter colours to be a little more uplifting and fresh but we need to work around what the client wants. For the typeface we wanted something similar to the universities for the same reason, to create continuity. So we picked Raleway, which is very similar. It also has many different styles so we have a wide range to pick from and experiment with. So far I’m liking what we have picked and I think its perfect to continue the universities already existing theme.

After this we wanted to lay out all the things we needed for this campaign and who should do them. Important things that we needed were a logo, informational posters and leaflets. We also discussed the idea of having an app or a page for the Cardiff Met app. This could have more information on there about the Clean Air Campus scheme for students to read if they wish. One of my peers mentioned that he could make a map for the app showing where the new designated smoking shelters are. We thought this was a great idea especially for students who constantly use their phones. It would also be helpful for guests as its an easy way to find the spots which will be hidden away by September this year. From this we know exactly what we need to create, so we shared out the tasks to who we felt could do them the best. Xènia is creating the logo and posters, Margarida is making the app, Luke the map for the app, Kane a promotional video for the app and myself the informational leaflet. Im feeling better now we have some things sorted before the holidays, we will just get our work done separately and regroup at the start of term. I next want to get some initial ideas for my leaflet and see what I need to include.

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