Penguin – Final Updates and Outcome

We had our last critique today I managed to make the changes to my cover and incorporate a design on the back, which I feel does connect to the front. I’m liking where the cover is at this point but I still feel like it could be more refined. In my critique my tutor said he liked my overall cover and that it really encapsulates the mood and feel of the book. He said I could play around with the colour and swap them around to see if I like that better. My peers said I should include all three of the main characters on the back as it would make more sense. Plus having the same illustration on the front and back looks a little lazy so I want to change it up a bit. I didn’t get too much feedback so I can focus on getting the cover to a really good standard ready for the competition deadline.

Below are two of the new colour ways I tried out. I think getting rid of the darker pink makes the cover stand out more. It also looks more refined which I wanted. I prefer Toru being the darker purple as its like he’s a wall flower just watching the world go by, I think it represents his character well.

Personally I didn’t like Toru’s head I didn’t think it fit his body. I drew out a new head more in-style of the body and I like it so much more now. It still keeps the organic simplistic style but now looks like part of his body. I next moved on to the back illustration. I followed the same style as Toru and kept them simple. I changed their position to face forward’s and kept the line across their eyes. It’s there to show how they can be blind to the things around them and if they took a step back they might realise what’s most important to them. Below is my final piece and I’m really happy with it. I think it is a good representation of the book without giving too much away. I really like the illustration it gives me confidence to maybe try this again on another project. I was quite daunted with the project as first but I have learnt a lot from it and I enjoyed it.

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