“Persuasion attempts to influence people’s beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviours in relation to an event, idea, object, or other person(s).”

Today we started our new project called persuasion. I’m quite excited for this project because its a large project that I can take my time with. Plus I’m glad to be back to purely graphics after having field, I want to improve my graphics skills and go back to some basic techniques.

The day started with a presentation and introduction to our project. In this project we will be focusing on about campaigns, so we were shown some successful ones that ranged from all sorts of subjects. One of the first ones was about Brexit. This was a huge and important campaign a couple years ago and is still an ongoing discussion. Looking back I don’t remember any material that really stood out to me or that altered my depiction. I was already very sure of my decision so nothing I saw swayed me. Now looking back at the promotional material I see the themes that they both portray are very similar. Both have British colours and a using short powerful statements. Knowing how important the decision of the election was I feel the campaigns could have been done better and with more force. As graphic designers we have such a reach and it’s important to show our point and successfully pursued others of our ideas. A great quote to better tell my point is this one by Papanek, V. and Fuller, R.B. ‘Practically every decision we make as designers has an ethical dimension, requiring us all to balance forces in our own small way as responsible individuals’. Everything we create as designers has an influence and its important to use that well and also ethically.

Another I found quite powerful and visceral is this anti smoking campaign by Courage India. Its a pair of lungs that are hung around a city centre and lets walkers by light their cigarettes. As they use it the lungs turn black to signify the damage the user will be doing to their body. Its very blunt and abrupt, letting the user know exactly what is happening to them. It being right in their faces is unavoidable and they would have to see the damage up close. I also think is important to think of inventive ways of getting the point across. If this were a poster the effect would be lost and the engagement wouldn’t be there. Posters can be overlooked but using something that is useful to a smoker and interacting with their habit might actually stay in someones mind.

Another different method for campaigns shown in our presentation is video and in this case a song for kids. This recent campaign by NSPCC is called Pantosaurus and was created as ‘a simple way to teach your child how to stay safe from abuse.’ It takes a very serious subject and makes it in a way kids can understand. I actually think the song is really catchy and can imagine kids would enjoy the song. The simplistic, repetitive lyrics allows kids to follow along and remember the steps to stay safe. Its shows that for some project other outlets could be better for a subject. I usually do posters but I think this project will push me to use a different outcomes that fit my brief better.

Overall I learnt from this presentation that I need to be experimental with this brief and think outside the box. Trying not to rely on my favourite methods and to try something new for example animation or working 3D. From this I will hopefully be able to create a strong successful campaign that actually helps my cause and brings awareness.

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