Penguin – Updates

This is my updated book cover it has changed quite a bit from my draft. First change was the colour, after printing my draft I noticed the colour was very dark and not the colour I wanted. So I lighten it quite a bit, it feels a bit more emotive now. I then was thinking of how I can incorporate the title to the cover. I wanted something hand written as it feels personal, it could also reference the handwritten letters Toru writes to Naoko while she is in care. I created the title in Illustrator I wasn’t sure whether I was going to keep it but my tutor said he enjoyed the imperfect nature it has as it encapsulates some of the characters in the book. I did however spell Norwegian wrong so I do need to fix that. Below the type I added a roots/veins to symbolise the reference to the wooden in the book but also it makes the body feel more human. The veins help blood to flow around the body keeping us alive and shows that Toru is alive and that he has emotions. It could be taken in a couple of different ways and I like that the audience could make their own reasons behind it. I changed the spine typeface to something more polished as it would be easier to read when the book is on its side. It’s also more practical like this and matches the back bringing the cover together. Lastly I layed out the blurb and quotes on the back, making sure not to have an rivers. I took inspiration from the 1967 copy of Molecular and Cell Biology and had the names adjacent to the main body as a different way to separate them. I like the squared very neat nature it has, it reminds me of Japanese writings so I think it plays in to the theme of the book. Looking at it now I can see the type is too small to read so I think this could be put up a point or two and I should play around with the leading and tracking for a more unique look.

I had a quick chat with my tutor to see what he thought of my cover so far. He said that I need to figure out the back cover design as its very simple. I need something that connects it to the front making the cover as one. He also said that the text wasn’t visible enough and needed to be made lighter and larger. So I have a couple things to do mainly figuring out what goes on the back cover and some technical things as well to do.

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