Penguin – Mock Up + Critique

So after doing some more book cover research I feel inspired to start creating. Below was just a quick draft I created to show my ideas for the upcoming critique, I hadn’t worked out the text but just input all the information. I started working with the image of Toru where he is decapitated. I used the original sketch because I like how it was organic, it feel more personal just like the book which is a personal account from Toru. This is also why I wanted him on the cover rather than one of the girls. I was going back and forth on the idea of having a string coming down from his head like a balloon to show his mind wondering but it didn’t have as much of an impact. I want the cover to be quite jarring which will give an insight into the book. I also think keeping the cover simple will help to give the book a modern feel while also creating the negative space around Toru to show how disconnected he was from everyone around him. Lastly I quickly put in a little sketch on the back cover of three tree stumps to signify the three main characters. Two having a hole cut from them to show their loss and how they are broken.

In my critique I was given some really helpful feedback from my peers. One of the first things that was said is that they love the colour scheme. It stands out from the other work and also gives this melancholy feel which is also throughout the book. They also liked the image on the front and said it was striking and represented the character well but could be played around with to make it look more refined. Also on the front is the type which they liked being in Japanese but I still needed to include the author and title. I wasn’t sure where to put it when creating the draft so this is something I’ll definitely have to figure out. My peers said it should be a bolder colour too as it doesn’t stand out at the moment. Lastly my tutor said he didn’t know about the back imagery. He said it felt disconnected from the front so I think I need to come up with something else. I want to keep continently through the cover so creating something for the back should flow nicely. I’m super happy with how the critique went I have plenty to be getting on with.

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