Psychogeography – Mock Up

I started the mock up today on layout paper. I laid out each abandoned item and the surrounding areas to get an overview of how I wanted things to look. I noticed immediately that I didn’t like the look of the layout paper, because its quite thin it feels very temporary to me which I don’t think fits with my outcome. I want my more sturdy and to look more thought-out like the toys I was influenced by. This was something I knew I needed to look into after deciding the layout. However I did like the size I was working with. When I connected it together to make the circle its this petit hand held size which is exactly what I wanted for this. Something the audience can pick up and peer into, as if they’re peering into my mind as a child. So far it is looking good and as I’ve imagined in my head. I drew over where I wanted my stories and added notes on things I needed to adapt to the landscape in order to see the shadow behind. The mock up is set for reference while creating my outcome I just need to figure out the material and how best to show the shadows.

I first wanted to try tracing paper and it gave the exact effect I was looking for, just like a shadow puppet show. Super childlike and innocent looking. Compared to my layout paper trial, the first row below, and the tracing paper it looks to much better and the shadows are much more pronounced now. Something else I took from these experiments was that I need to keep the illustrations of the landscape simple, I don’t want it to take away from the scenes behind but complement them instead. Another thing was I need to think about how shadows can enhance the light, for instance in the bottom right picture the flames really stand out against the black. Although too much black dulls down the rest of the scene. I just need to find that balance when creating the final piece. Apart from that I ready to start on my outcome which I’ll document in my next blog.

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