Psychogeography – Outcome

This is my finished outcome, a shadow box that depicts the abandoned artefacts and stories I would create around them. All from one place, Fremington woods where I basically grew up. I’m happy with how my piece came out. I enjoy how it feels childlike like the toys I researched. It dates the stories as a childhood thing and makes it feel like a story is being told. Just like the shadow puppet shows I’d seen as a child.

The making was more difficult than I thought and constructing my outcome took a little longer than expected. Next time I create something 3D I may have to give myself longer for the making stage. The project was also incredibly fiddly to do, I did get frustrated quite a bit but I managed to finish it to a standard I like. If I could improve it however I would have used foam board for the top and bottom to have a more sturdy piece. Also experimenting with my illustrative style is something I would like to do in the future. It’s not what I usually do so I tried to keep it simple as to not over do things. But finding my own style could benefit projects in the future and give me more ways to express the topic at hand. Overall I’m quite happy with how this project went, I feel I interpreted the brief in my own way and have an outcome that I think speaks for my definition of psychogeography.

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