Psychogeography – Plan of Action

I had my one to one critique today in which I told my tutor how I wanted my outcome to look. I want a linear storyboard of the woods and to incorporate shadows behind to illustrate the stories. Almost like a shadow box or a non moving zoetrope. He really liked my idea, which gave me some confidence to keep going. Some questions he asked were; what was I making it out of? and what will the scale be? These are things I still needed to sort out so after my critique I made a plan of action in which I stated what needed to be done. My outcome will look almost like a zoetrope and shadow box combined. I want the scale to be not too big, almost the size of an A4 sheet of paper, so the audience can peer inside and hopefully get an essence of the woods. For the materials Im going to use layout paper, its that mid point between tracing paper and printer paper and would have a more intense shadow. Using black card for the stories will also help to make the shadow more prominent. I now need to start making a mock up of the scene and see what needs to be adapted as I go.

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