On Display – Typographic Posters

I’ve now completed my marque and want to start on the next important thing which I feel are the posters. They will promote the exhibition so need to be thought provoking and enticing. I wanted to get a little research in for some inspiration. Looking back now I want to change the direction I was originally going with, which was more image based posters focused just on the zodiac theme. I think its actually more relevant to focus on that link between the two subjects I picked, zodiac and etymology. So perhaps making the posters more typographic might give more a sense of the actual exhibition subject which is the origin of words. Also because of my chosen audience being well educated on the zodiac, the poster can be more implicit.

This set of posters stood out to me for the simplistic, bold graphics. Its a series of posters created for Ariel Art Gallery by Bülent Erkmen. They look very contemporary and the use of black and white made them stand out against other posters. The one that I find the most interesting is the merged text piece on the end. Its unreadable which I enjoy, it leaves the meaning up to the audience to figure out. I thought it was quite relevant to my work as I want to further experiment with type. The way in which the type needs to be figured out, is a theme I could work with. Linking to the exhibition as it will be learning what certain words stand for. The fist poster in the series also has this effect. The information at the bottom is overshadowed by what feels like the most important thing, the graphic. It feels like the squares say something, the way they are differently shaped and at different levels as if it is blocked over text. Its again giving that responsibility to the audience to work it out what it means.

I was looking for a transformative use of type for the next posters, like the set I first looked at above. I found this website, named Pocko, which exhibited typographic posters from young and emerging artists, as well as established designers. ‘The exhibition showcases projects that reflect all the aspects of typography, such as craftsmanship, communication and technology.’ Both posters feel quite experimental, fresh and current. The use of transforming the stable typefaces stands out against the fluid natural background. The second posters main wording is very difficult to work out, maybe to entice the audience or to bring a new look to a commonly used typeface. Much like the posters above I enjoy the mystery when looking at the text. This theme could work well for my project brief, I will continue to research typographic posters throughout the project and will start to get my ideas down onto paper.

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