On Display – Exhibition Research

To start off the project I wanted to do some research into existing exhibitions to get a feel for what is already out there and to see what works. While browsing I saw a lot of exhibitions this one caught my eye for the bold colour. It is a Graphic Design exhibition by MFA graduates. The space is mean to ‘demonstrate the hybrid nature of graphic design, between its artistic expression and commercial function’. To show this everything is in boxes and propped up as if it was for sale, which in fact it was. I thought this exhibit has a really cohesive theme throughout which is obvious to the audience. The bright yellow is very bold against the black type and signage. It’s quite eye-catching because of this. The yellow is used on the boxes as well to keep this cohesive theme which I think helps to brand it and look more professional. Having the branding so spot on is important as it’s the selling point and the advertisement for the space.

Another exhibition I found while looking online is this one called ‘Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?’. Which explores the ‘widespread but often subliminal nature of graphic design in shaping our environment, our health and our sense of self.’ I thought this space in particular was quite successful. It follows a consistent branding pattern with the typeface they have chosen and mark. Its used in all contexts and unites the aspects. The universal use of colour is also important to note, just like the exhibition above they keep a cohesive colour theme. Having such a familiar theme like this would make it easy to recognise this exhibit.

Some others things I found out while doing my research was that a lot of exhibitions have a core message and that sticking to it is important. Having a set value and being constant is important as I will be creating a lot of separate pieces that need to be cohesive and work together. I also want to make sure my branding stands out, exhibitions are usually on for a limited time so I want to really intrigue my audience. It needs to be entertaining enough for the audience but still realistic. A lot of exhibitions are put up with function first as in the audience needs to be able to navigate it easy.  So I will have to work around that. Moving forward I feel confident in what I think a successful exhibit contains. Later in the project I’d like to go to a real one just so I can analyse it in person and get a feel for spaces. In my next blog I want to start researching a little more in to my subject and start idea generating.

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