On Display


Our next brief is called OnDisplay, in which we have to ‘propose and develop a cohesive exhibition experience’ based on the given topics. Our final outcome would be a presentation which needs to contain branding, a moving identity, promotional installation, ephemera and way signs. I need to inspire and engage visitors while also showing a strong understanding of the subject. It’s a big project with lots to do but I’m excited to being doing something different.

The subject I chose to focus my exhibition on is astrology, meaning using celestial bodies to predict human and/or natural behaviors. I have always been interested in astrology and why so many people use it. The topic dates back to 3000 BC so a lot of the words used are very old and have interesting meanings. I feel like because of this I could make an interesting exhibition that can also be educational.

Astrology is all about making sense of yourself and the things around you using the stars and planets. Scientists believe that several civilisations developed independent systems of astrology, each sharing the same basis. The most commonly used one today is Hellenistic originating from the 2th century BC and deriving from both the babylon and egyptian scientists. Other astrology beliefs include budist, chinese and tai. Chinese probably being the most know for using animals as signs. As time has passed astrology is not as important to people as it once was, some think it is silly and others swear by it. Weather you stand on either side it is still a fascinating topic that has history dating back thousands and thousands of years.

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