Finalised Portfolio

It has taken me a while to get here but Im finally at a place where I’m pleased with my portfolio. I spent a lot of time figuring out layouts and refining my work. Some projects I went back into if I wasn’t happy with the outcome. I feel now my portfolio represents me and my work.

The changes from my previous blog have been quite big, the last one I felt didn’t reflect me the way I wanted. The previous typeface had a classic connotation and I feel my work is more modern. The typeface I’m using now is Seravek which is a quite happy and playful yet simple. It allows my work to take centre stage but still compliments the layout. The colour scheme I went with was all based of a photograph I found online. The lady in the picture is called Maude Frealy an American actress, I found her innocence and beauty mesmerizing. As someone who collects and experiments with vintage photography I found it important to add this to my cover page. The juxtaposition from innocent to creepy captures what I love to produce as a Graphic Designer. This quirky style I use might also help in standing out against others in interview situations. The colours I used are very subdued as to set a backdrop for my work. I think its important to let your work have its space to shine. On the other hand, from my critique with Theo, I tried to add in more work. I’ve added more contextual pictures and deconstructed some designs to allow different view points.

There is always room for improvement though, perhaps when I update it next I can have more space for my work and really open up the pages. Also once I have more work I can refine even more to only show things Id like to create in the future. Overall I’m happy with how my portfolios turned out. It reflects me and my work which is so important to me and future employers.

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