Today I went to have a look at the Graphic Communication degree show. There were so many thoughts provoking topics and beautifully designed outcome to see. I was really impressed and look forward to being at that level. Every piece of work was so refined and professional looking which makes me want to work harder and improve myself.

This piece by Jess king is her ‘manifesto on Consumerism using type, space and pattern’. I initially found it stood out to me for the choice of this almost neon pink. Mixed with the white background its a striking piece of work. I enjoy the digital collaging she did in the posters they add this sinister feel which looms in this consumerist society. What I take from Jess’ work is that she thinks consumerism is all about ascetics and portraying the bad as good as to sell more. In this society beauty sells and I feel her work show this aspect while discretely adding in the lies that big companies tell us. I think her outcome is really succesful and I can defiantly take influence in her style of working.

Patrick McKenna’s outcome was another that stood out to me. The black, white and purple colour scheme worked really well together. His project goal ‘was to create a campaign that shows the effects that current masculinity standards have on males throughout their lives’. I feel this is a really important issue to talk about, depression is one of the leading factor of death in the uk. Before now it hasn’t been brought up in media so much, this project idea is actually helpful for some. When I first saw the posters I thought they were about sexual assault concerning men, another small topic which isn’t talked about. Overall it a really strong project and once looked further into does show this message that you’re not alone.

This last project I’m looking at is Abbi-Louise Small’ project about up skirt photography. As soon as I saw the picture of the girls I instantly could relate to the issue. The way she took this project is quite uplifting and fact that others could write on the posters makes the audience feel not alone in the issue. I like the way she used blue and pink iconic gender colours, I feel she did this to try unite both gender. The flyers had these quotes which enlarged at important words to hone in on the topic which I thought was clever. It was a nice use of hierarchy and I know I need to take some influence from this.

Overall all the project I saw looked as if they had so much passion and thought behind them, it gets me excited for our final degree show.

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