Changing Faces – Initial Ideas

The piece of text I am going to use in my editorial outcome is Carnality and Consent: How to Navigate Sex in the Modern World. I looked over all of the others and didn’t feel drawn to any of them, this article though was quite relevant to my age, I being a millennial and I think I can create a modern outcome for this subject. The text is about How to Navigate Sex in the Modern World but also touches on subject from recent history and acts as a step-by-step guide on how to act regarding dating in this modern world. The entire piece is 3500 words approximately to I will need to do a lot of editing to  get it down to the 1400 count it must be for the brief. I’d still like to keep it as a rough step-to-step guide but perhaps without a lot of the examples.

Visual Ideas

After reading the article I had a lot of thoughts, the text is a mixture of lots of different things so creating a concept would be hard regarding every detail. My thoughts were to look at the title, Carnality and Consent: How to Navigate Sex in the Modern World, and use this to conjure up ideas. The word navigate reminded me of space missions and of adventuring around the galaxy. We have no idea what is out there and its a mystery to us, much like the world of modern sex. For a lot older people it is hard to grasp the concept of a ‘casual hookup’ and for them its alien. To incorporate others themes in the text such as the #metoo movement, porn and consent I would use these as aspects in the galaxy. I’m thinking of having a person of a non descript gender trying to navigate through these modern-day issue regarding sex. I don’t want to take away from the important issues but it to still be visually exciting to the audience. Next I’m planning on looking in to postmodernism and some more experimental type techniques.

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