Changing Faces – Initial Thoughts and Research

Today we were given the new briefing for our next project. It consists of creating 3 double page spread editorial pieces based upon an article we would be given. My first thought was of excitement, editorial is one of my favourite forms of design. I love expressing a piece of writing through image and text while making sure it’s visually stimulating to the audience.

We were initially shown the previous years work for inspiration. Above are the pieces I thought were most interesting and professional looking. I love the use of using a large picture to interest the audience, both of the ones above are quite nondescript. They are artistic and vague in nature forcing the audience to try to work out what they are seeing. Another aspect I enjoy is the justified text it feels much more contained and sophisticated this way. It gives a sense of elegance to the piece and accompanied by these untamed images it gives a curious juxtaposition. In the bottom right hand piece they have edited the text themselves to reflect what is being said in the article its subtle but clever. It is a useful way of getting across the article in a simple visual way for the audience to understand.

I also did my own research in the library I took out a couple of books which were more my style. I then deconstructed the design of each editorial page. One I found really inspiring was the bottom right piece it is so well thought out. The illustrative style typeface is inspired by the article. The florals and greenery are a reflection of the untamed woodland text. The colour of the heading is taken from the greenery in the beautifully pained art piece featured largely in the layout. It takes centre stage and is an insightful representation of what is in the article. Also the rag on the text below is unkempt just like the wooden scene, everything has a reason in the design. I admire the asymmetric layout and how even though the image is large you are drawn to the heading because of the stark white background. This is a perfect example of using the design to lead the audience in how they should view the page.

Sources Used:

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  • (accessed 14th Feb)

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