Changing Faces – InDesign Workshop

5 Minute Layouts

The first lesson of these InDesign workshops was these 5 minute layout tasks. We were then given 8 editorial types to make in 5 minutes using the text and images given. Considering we were only a little time I think I did quite well.

First was the symmetrical piece which I think is my best one. It followed the theme and looks professional. I cropped the image and made the text justified to fit within a certain box in each page. This sells the symmetrical look by keeping the same bleed throughout. With my asymmetric layout I feel I could have done better, it slightly shows off the asymmetrical nature with the different heights but overall looks rather similar. To improve it I would have a more drastic change in shape more like the full text page I made. The third layout was full-page image my favourite to create of all, I just love having large images with little text it can have a really big impact. In this short time I could have done a better job. I wanted to overlay the text over the image but it then was hard to read. If I had more time I would have picked a more appropriate font or made some experimental type to tie in with the image. I’m quite happy with how the full text page came out, I like the minimalist feel and the use of the block colour to break up the white. Although having the block colour as an image could add some texture and dimension to the page.

The next two categories were hard, it had been a while since I had looked at modernism and postmodernism that I was a little unsure on what they meant. For modernist I was pretty sure it was taking modern features to create a stylish, sleek looks. So I used an asymmetric design, block colour to break up the design and used justified text to add shape. I think it came out right, in looking up the definition it said that modernism is the ‘rejection of the styles of the past, emphasising innovation’. The geometric style I did shows this. With postmodernism I was even more unsure but I remember artists using experimental type and really playing around with the basics of modernism. For this one I was slightly right, on the Tate website is describes postmodernism as ‘a reaction against modernism… and also widely used to describe challenges to do with established structures and belief systems that took place in Western society’. The way I have turned the text on its side is quite rebellious but I think my layout should have been more experimental and had more elements to really show the opposition to modernism. The next piece to create was refined which I found much easier to make I prefer simplistic designs over cluttered ones and I feel the one I did is very minimalist.  Lastly I had to make a dynamic layout which was hard, I wasn’t sure what it meant. I would say dynamic depends on the person and what they think is normal. But overall I just went for a modernist style refined geometric layout having overhanging text. This because usually text should be confined but in this case it is not.

Great Expectations

This is my outcome for the Great Expectations task, again it was only short so I could have done better. Although I included everything I needed to such as an appropriate point size; heading; subheading; stand-first; callout; indent and em dash. It was quite easy to add them all the only one I struggled with was the indent. I first used the tab key but the gap was far to big after looking around I found the actual tool to make indents and then it was much easier. Overall I’m happy with how I did, I included everything I needed the only thing I’d improve is the design. For me its a bit boring and doesn’t capture the journey of the novel enough. I would rather had given it a modern twist to make the book more appealing to a younger audience.

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