The Aesthetic Manifesto – Eira Critique

Today we had our critique. This brief has been really challenging for my group and I, we are finding this task in particular a struggle. The brief is quite confusing and we werent sure on what to presents as our final pieces. But after today we have more of a sense on what is going on…we think. Ultimately our critique was about weaving each character into one another. We needed to find a way to link each person, because Eira is on Instagram we decided to firstly be linked thought there. So for this we will present each our characters in a Instagram profile format. This will hopefully allow our characters to interact with one another easily.

I remembered an Instagram personality I follow called Lil Miquela. She been the subject of many conspiracy theories but to summarise she is thought to be a digital girl created by someone else. She’s used to promote things and advertise products. This would be a great idea for my character, also it can link into my peers work. Gia’s character will be the one who created mine. So improvements I need to make with Eira is to take away the black smears and replace them with eyes. This will make her look more trustworthy to her viewers. I’m also going to need to make her profile and a small news feed as she only exists on the internet. I have quite a bit to do tonight.

Lil Miquela's Instagram

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