The Aesthetic Manifesto – Eira Updates

Work By (Instagram)

I have done some research since my last update on Eira. I found these beautiful illustrations by a German Instagram Artist called She depicts her characters with inner turmoil and fantasy ideas. They are really stunning storytelling pieces which isn’t hard for the viewer to depict. I am interested in the way she shows the inner struggles externally for example the way she removed the girls face to reveal something else beneath. It’s a clever way of giving visual narrative which is important for this project as we have to create an illustration only. The piece we make needs to tell the story of the person behind it.

Eira's Profile

Eira is a student and part-time lifestyle blogger. She shows millions of fan her exciting, beautiful life in Iceburg. Although Eira isn’t a human anymore she’s trapped inside her body. The gem creates a haze for the residents of Iceburg and Eira has been picked to advertise her life. She is ultimately a robot to advert Iceburg, she is only the shell of the person she once was. One who only cares about how many people see her Instagrams or watch her videos.

I really like what I’ve done so far but feel I need to make it more clear what she is about. I used the black smears over her eyes to show that she has no soul or no real feelings anymore. Also the way she looks is a direct comparison to the landscape of Iceburg so aesthetically she fits in. I took influence from by cutting her head in half to show the reasoning behind herself. Her brain has been replaced with the crystal which controls how she portrays herself and Iceburg to the outside world. Overall I like my piece visually but I don’t feel it holds enough story telling which is the key aspect for this brief. I think later I will make a profile to give more information away and find other ways to make her look more robot like.

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