The Aesthetic Manifesto – Eira’s Outcome

Eira Final Outcome

Above is my outcome for Eira. I made some improvement from my mock-up, for example including eyes to make her look more ‘human’ like. In her world she is just a computer generated girl who’s trying to be seen as human. I made her Instagram profile which is her front to everyone. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and the colours coordinate to match Iceburg’s landscape. Ultimately she was made as an advertisement piece on why others should come to Iceburg. She quite a beautiful character which is intended to attract similar aged students to this already thriving place. Next to her profile I added her reason for living in side her head to show she is nothing without it. She is just a shell of a person.

I think in this task our group worked quite well together we came up with an intricate story behind our characters that fed in to one another. I enjoy our story and it led to some really interesting outcomes. I do like my final piece, I think it represents the character I’ve made in an aesthetic way. Next time to improve it I’d like to play more with the concept of her being controlled and look into more sophisticated ways of showing this. Id also want to make more. In this segment I feel I could have pushed myself to make more so next time I’d love to explore how she actually interacts with others online.

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