The Aesthetic Manifesto – Iceburg Critique

Today we had a critique with our tutors, it went ok… We were given quite a bit to improve on. First it was suggested that we needed to add more character to our town. Aesthetically the tutors liked what we were producing but it needed more of a back story. As our chosen subject was aesthetics we decided to have a haze over the town that made everyone happy. Being happy is more aesthetically pleasing rather than someone who may be sad. This could also bring lots of tourists to our town which is the focus in the designs, everything is meant to show off the beautiful surroundings and bring in others. Another critique we were given was that the crystal looked more of an iceberg. Now because of the importance of the crystal I really needed to make it more apparent.

Improvements I’m going to make are updating my flags crystal. Creating a slogan for our touristic town is needed to sell the conspiracy we are telling. Much like Disney use ‘The happiest place on earth’. Lastly I want something else to show how important tourists are to Iceburg by creating signs for the district map. This could help navigate and suggest popular attractions.



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