The Aesthetic Manifesto – Iceburg Outcomes

Tutor Critique

Our tutors found that we had improved on our ideas and designs. They said at the end of the presentation the audience should either laugh or be horrified. For us they laughed so it seems we must have completed the brief correctly. Improvements they gave us about the design were that it should reflect this sinister background we’ve given the town. I think it is a good point at the moment they don’t completely link up. Another aspect they mentioned was not being able to identify the crest. As a group I think we need to work on this together as it’s an important piece that features on almost ever thing we made.

My Critique

Overall I enjoy my outcome, I tried to improve them with the critiques we were given previously. To the flag I changed the style of the crystal by changing the shape and adding more sides for the light to catch. I think this made is much more obvious as to what it was which brings the whole groups theme together. I actually prefer my previous design I feel it was more sophisticated but to get my message across I had to do what was right for the brief. If I were to re-do this I would look at getting a middle ground between the obvious and the subtle to make the crystal even more simplified. This may help it suit our overall theme even more.

The welcome sign only had a small change I added the now slogan: ‘the destination for happiness’. This links into our underlining theme that everyone in the town is drugged into happiness. I still think the sign is reflective in the place and does look as if it was an expensive resort. To match this I made a sign for our district map which can be found anywhere around the town. It’s a way of helping tourist find their way and to suggest popular attractions. The two signs match very nicely but I feel I could have been much more playful with the deigns. Next time I will defiantly take my tutors advice to add some more sinisterness to the designs. I find it hard working in a group and with other people’s ideas but in this task I feel like I’ve improved on my team work skills.


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