The Aesthetic Manifesto – Iceburg Updates

Over the past couple days my peers and I have been talking and sharing our ideas about the branding. We’ve finalised the colours we will use in all the designs, these are more bright than I had before. The brightness will show the strong spirit of the community in our town. I’ve also adapted the colours now onto the flag to match which I think links into my peers work really well. We all have a blue geometric themed designs sharing each others graphics to have good united theme. I’m really pleased with how our works turning out, I feel it fits the modern society we would have.

Other adaptation to the flag are the crystal I went for a solid design which I felt coincided  with the group more. All the graphics used are block geometric pieces and the line work I enjoyed before wouldn’t have matched the other work. I’ve also changed the size of the crystal to make it look more sturdy and solid which conveys the strength of our town. I will change the colour of the background though, I think it’s too muddied and our town is supposed to be idyllic and beautiful.


After creating the flag I wanted to move on to something else. I really enjoy ‘Welcome to…’ signs. They are supposed to give a sense of the town and excite visitors about being there. At first I was playing around with some ice made signs but they were looking odd and I couldn’t get the ice to look like ice so I moved on to something different. Colour is important about our branding  as well as the ‘iconic’ mountains we feature in lots of designs. So I created a cut out sign which references the cut between the crystal. I also used the same typeface as Ben from his map as well as the colours. By doing this I feel like our designs complement one another. Things I’m going to change before the critique is looking at better incorporating the coat of arms as I feel like it doesn’t look right entered. Maybe decreasing the size or chasing the colour might make it less abrupt. I also may add some things to the sky and the mountains to pull in those big empty spaces.

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