Penguin: Design Developments

From my last critique it was said that my maze idea for the title could be interesting, so I took this idea forward. This is such a quick project that I feel as though I have to take the best idea and run with it. I just have to do my best. Below are the first mockups I made for the cover. I used the title as the focal point for the cover. For the background I decided to create a space image that looks like it has been scribbled or ‘rushly’ drawn. This to link back to the childlike learning that I wanted to show through the cover. I used the dark purple so it still signified space. My tutor did say I might consider lightening the purple so it is brighter and I think it looks much better. My tutor did also say it needed some sort of light to this piece to brighten it up and draw us to the front. So I did add a light coming from the middle of the maze which I think defiantly brightens up the cover even more.

After this critique I feel as though I am in good stead for this project and I enjoy the cover. I just think it could reference the book better. Bill Bryson writes with a lot of wit which isn’t really shown in mine. This is something I do need to add for sure. I also think I could shrink the stars a bit and perhaps match some up to create an image. This could be my wit. Overall I’m relatively happy with the cover, I think the type hierarchy on the front works. I just need to add those finishing touches to reference the novel better.

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