Criticality: Fuck Politeness

Before I start my research I want to clarify the meaning of ‘fuck politeness’ and write my own brief so I have a clear path on where to go for this project.

My understanding of ‘fuck politeness’ is to fuck social norms of being polite or helpful in order to keep yourself safe. One example of this which has been spoken on the My Favourite Murder podcast is the victims of Ted Bundy. Bundy would often ask women for help with tasks such as carrying things to his car etc to lure them away from the public. With his personable attitude, women felt safe helping him. Its important now that we learn from these tragic events in order to keep ourselves safe. On the My Favourite Murder subreddit other women speak about what ‘fuck politeness’ means to them. One lady writes “I view ‘fuck politeness’ as a quick, clever reminder to remove yourself from situations where you feel uncomfortable, to listen to your inner alarms, and to never worry about someone’s feelings when your safety could be at risk.” Others agree by saying “Totally agree. It absolutely has to do with feeling unsure and about following your gut instincts, versus the societal norm of being seen but unheard concerning women’s issues.” It is also said on the subreddit that “this is NOT an excuse to be rude to people, it’s very important to be kind to people”. Overall, the important issue is that if you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to shut someone down in the interests of protecting yourself. I feel like the words, ‘fuck politeness’ perfectly define the ethos created by Karen and Georgia on My Favourite Murder. This is why I will be using it for the basis of my project. I think this is an important issue to address as women can still be seen as a bitch or rude for not going along with a males or their advances. I also think it’s important to address for this project as I haven’t seen this issue talked about outside of the murderino community. It hopefully can question people’s thinking about female safety and that sometimes it’s ok to say ‘fuck politeness’.

Now for the brief. I will use the term ‘fuck politeness’ as a basis for this projects topic. It is just a basis, however, so I will need to do my own research into womens issues and use these to build upon the issue. My target audience will be adult men and women. The main goal of this project is to have an outcome that asks questions about the subject of female speech and safety. It should be problem finding and in service of society, which I believe it is. Outcomes are still undecided but should be provocative in nature.

Sources Used:

(accessed 6th February 2020)

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