D4RL: First Group Critique

As a group I think we were a little apprehensive about our first group critique, we miscommunicated with out client and so we still hadn’t met her yet. It was preventing us from going forward. For one the brief was so closed and all the information she wanted was already in the brief. It felt as though we couldn’t do much further research without it being irrelevant. As a group we just had lots of questions about the brief and because of this we weren’t as far on as we would have liked to be. However having the group critique really helped as our tutor could give us some advice on our situation. She said that miscommunication errors do happen in the real so it’s a good practice for us anyway. She then mentioned that we should email the client and ask any super important questions so that we can get things moving along better. One thing we needed to know is what information is vital and what can be left out because there is so much information in the brief. We did email the client after the critique so we’re waiting for an email back. Our tutor said that we should do some more research even if it becomes obsolete its still good to have a firm grasp on the topic. For me I think this we be aphasia and how to design for it. I really want to focus on this as i feel it’s important that my outcome is accessible to everyone. Our tutor said that finding design that is good and bad should help us to grasp where we want to go and what is already out there. She ended the discussions by reminding us to have that core message and stick to it. 

I thought this critique was really helpful, as a group we were feeling a bit lost but talking to our tutor about it its just taught me to keep going forward with the brief. If in the future what I have is not what the client wants I can always change it but at least I did that extra learning and trials which can only better my practice. 

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