Clean Air Campus – Initial Ideas

For the leaflet ideas I had a couple but I wasn’t sure how ‘extra’ I could be. As a designer I always want to create exciting, new and unique designs but now I’m working with a client I have to consider their limitations. For instance budget, if I create a more complex leaflet it would cost more to produce. This is something I was struggling with when having ideas. It also didn’t help that we are on half term, in hindsight this is something I should have asked my client before. Something else I kept thinking about is if a leaflet is really the best way to communicate to students. I know as a student I don’t pick up or read leaflets in university. I also usually think that it’s such a waste of paper, seeing loads of leaflets everywhere on campus. Is this really the best idea for this new Clean Air approach which is trying to be more environmentally friendly. Maybe a sign or something digital could be better for a less waste approach. I will need to speak to my group and client about this when term starts again.

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