Clean Air Campus – Research

From our client meeting, Linda had given us some resources to look at concerning our brief. The first was about the start of the Clean Air Campus approach. Late September last year at the freshers fair, Minister for Social Services and Public Health, Rebecca Evans officially announced ‘that ​Cardiff Metropolitan University’s plans to become Wales’ first smoke free university’. Partnering with ASH Whales Cymru, the university will ban smoking and vaping on all campuses including halls of residences and student unions by 2019. ‘Staff and students will be fully supported to quit smoking and tobacco products will be removed from Student Union shops and replaced with alternatives such as e-cigarettes and nicotine
patches.’ In the article it says that the university conducted surveys last year where students apparently said it would not have a negative effect on their choice to attend. I’m actually quite surprised with the support however I do think it will positively effect the university and its students. I felt it was helpful to read this article, it gave me a more in depth idea into how the university feels about the new approach.

Above is a mock up logo design for the new Clean Air Campus approach, Linda had this done prior but never took it forward. She felt we might be interested in seeing it, she also pointed out what she liked about this one. The first thing she liked is the use of the Cardiff University colours and typeface. She enjoys the continuity it gives. This is certainly something we will need to consider on doing. Linda also liked the little graphic icons and felt they looked fun and modern. Something else to consider when creating the logo. I however think the logo is a bit too cluttered and could be simplified to give a sleeker appearance. I’m sure we can work around using a graphic icon and keeping it professional looking.

Linda also gave us the Cardiff Met Clean Air Campus Timeline which was interesting to look at. It was important for us to see the timescales and what needed to take priority over other things. For instance in this campaign it was most important to get the message out first and to let the students know what will be going on in the close future.

One thing Linda mentioned in our meeting was about Ayrshire College going smoke free. She thought it might be beneficial to see what they have done. Below is their statement on their Clean Air Campus approach. Its much like ours, straight to the point and clean which I think it very positive for the campaign.

Below is Ayrshire College’s informational material and new welcome sign. I like the bright colours and uplifting feel. However I think the leaflet it too cluttered and hard to read. There is way too much information that it’s boring to read and not exiting. I think for students to take note, a design needs to bold, clear and clean with graphics for explanation. Who wants to read blocks of information that they probably aren’t interested in. It’s important to excite the students and involve them in this new scheme, we want the students support moving forward.

I think it was fascinating looking at the sources Linda sent us and I feel I have a better grasp on the message she wants to give out. I also learnt some things from the Ayrshire College’s leaflet that I shouldn’t do. Moving forward we need to talk as a group and come up with a plan for this project in order to get the most done with our time.

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