Deconstructing Design in Print

Today session was based upon layout, hierarchy and ‘the grid’. The way layout is figured out by practitioners is very complex they use columns to structure pages in print. We had a little activity where we had to draw 10 layout pages from magazines, at first I was a little confused but soon picked it up. My drawing above shows a layout from eye magazine is contains 8 columns on each page. It isn’t obvious at first, but after looking at the text layout out you can see the top left corner text is only half the size of the original text section making it 8 collums.

After learning this we were then instructed to create two editorial layouts, one symmetrical and the other asymmetrical. I really enjoy editorial tasks as I feel like everything has a place and i just need to find the right one like a puzzle. It also gives me full range to convey whatever message the article is talking about. Anyway my two rough editorial mash-ups came out really clean which i enjoy, they feel contemporary but still feel me. The only things i would improve is the symmetrical layout is harder to follow with the eye, its unsure on where you are meant to look after the title.

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