The Aesthetic Manifesto – City Symphony Updates

The outcomes I made for our Instagram page were 2 gifs of Eira each where she is glitching in different ways. As a set they match the aesthetic of the Instagram page really well. I’m really happy with how they look, they leave the audience wondering what she’s hiding. Although I want to make them more subtle and the glitches smaller so they look like something may have actually glitched on the screen.

Today we were filming the video, we wanted to use our actual phones because as a group we aren’t great at animation. We then handed the footage to Ben who wanted to edit the pieces together. His first attempt was really good but the pacing was a bit off. We discussed what needed to be changed for instance we loved that he had put the video in a phone to show the context but it was then hard to see the work we’d done. It needed to be easy to see what was happening. We also wanted to speed up the pace to not bore the audience they might lose interest if the video was to long and slow. Ben made the improvements and below is our outcome.

I think we have worked well as a group but defiantly could have been more involved with each other. Our video shows off the earyness of our town which was the basis for our storytelling. It also coincides with the internet personas we had created for each  character making them look like a collection. Things I might chance in the future would be making the video a smoother pace so its easier for the audience to watch. As well thinking about how we could make the plot easier to follow. Someone said they found it a little tricky to follow so this could defiantly be improved with some cleaner editing and better quality pictures.

The Aesthetic Manifesto – City Symphony Critique

Today we had our mid-week critique, we received some really good criticism and we are super excited on how its turning out. Above are my pieces so far. We had decided on having the video in a Instagram format from a persons perspective. So for this we each created images that we’d put together in a fake Instagram to scroll through. It would be like looking into the life of someone who lives there. In the critique our tutors loved the idea and thought it linked into our previous theme of online personas. They suggested that we include little creepy things in the pictures to suggest the hidden secrets to Iceburg that would leave the audience curious. As I am making the pictures of Eira and she is computer generated, I wanted to put glitches into her pictures to show that there is something not right about her. I may even make a very small video as they have short 5 seconds videos in Instagram. It would break it up from all the pictures. Our tutors also suggested a better way to film this, by making a real Instagram and filming someone on their phone it would take out a lot of the animation that we weren’t sure on how to do. By doing this I think it will come out a lot better and we’d be able to achieve so much more in this short space on time.

My plans now are to create one still image of Eira have a slight glitch or something very subtle but curious. Also making one 5 second video of Eira moving and having a glitch, this I’m more nervous for as I’m not the best at animating but I look forward to see how it will turn out.

The Aesthetic Manifesto – City Symphony

Yesterday we were given the last part of The Aesthetic Manifesto brief. Initially I was very worried about it as I’ve never been educated in animation and my previous animation project before I didn’t like. My skills on these softwares are minimal so I’m quite apprehensive.

Our final outcome needs to be a view of Iceburg that envisions a citizens experience. I first wanted to do some research because I don’t have much experience in this field. In the briefing presentation we were shown, two artists stood out to me they were Stan Brackhage and a collective called Archigram. They both seemed simplistic in visuals but the in-depth meanings behind is what I find interesting. Having a simple design with a deep background is something I can replicate in a short film which helps me feel a little less anxious about this brief.

Images from The Dead and Mothlight by Stan Brackhage

I first looked at Stan Brackhage’s work. It’s very eery which is probably why I like it so much. He uses simple image and short moving parts of what seems to be random places to show these beautiful scenes. Brackhages’s films were non-native and challenged the perception of the audience. They left me feeling inspired and curious into the meanings behind. I’d love to use the way in which he shows minimal scenes but them having so much impact. It means our group would have to come up with couple scenes to really show what Iceberg is like for a citizen.

Archigram. Instant

Other work I adored was by the collective Archigram which existed from 1961 to 1974. Archigram were controversial for their time, they explored themes such as glamour and psychedelic in a ‘semi-mythic 1960s.’ Ultimately influencing the ‘Pop Art movement, where color, dynamism, fashion, and disposability were presented in graphics.’ These themes along with the very aesthetically pleasing qualities of their work is what our group needs to show in our city. Iceberg focuses on the outward appearance much like the themes I looked at. I want to take that blatant attempt to look over inviting and friendly, hopefully to give Iceberg a subtle creepy aspect and more context to the crystals haze.

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