Penguin: Outcome

In my last blog I spoke about liking my book cover, I just wanted to add more of that witty nature that Bryson has in his books. I thought about using the stars in the background to link up and create images that are relevant to the novel. For instance he uses a sandwich metaphor to simplify a theory. I included this to the piece along with a few others and I feel it is a much better representation of the book. I am quite happy with it. I did make the stars a little smaller too and lighten the colour.

Professional Practice

For the main part of our professional practice project we have to create our cv, portfolio and online portfolio. I first wanted to look at my ones from last year and see what I can improve on. I remember I didn’t feel that happy with them last year so I want to change that for this year.

Above is my cv. One of the clique I did get last year was that my typeface for my name should be more legible. This is the first thing I want to fix. I also want to add some colour to brighten it up a bit and to add some hierarchy. As for the content, it was alright. It needs to be reworded I think to sound better but I think most of the correct information is there.

For the portfolio it is much the same. I do however like the sleek feel this had. I also enjoy the enlarged views of my project, I will continue this to my new portfolio. I will also continue to have the blurb at the back which has my information and a bit about me. Its quite helpful if for some reason it went lost.

For my next portfolio I want a brighter and more fun feel. One that says I’m excited to work.

Final Thoughts on Afterlife

We have now finished our afterlife sessions, unfortunately earlier than planned. However, I want to gather up and talk about all the great advice I have learned and what I will take forward will me. The first thing is to take every opportunity given to us. There is nothing you can’t learn from. The same goes for internships, which all of the speakers highly encouraged. I can get some invaluable experience which is great for future jobs. I just need to make sure I get paid. I also need to make sure I am proactive with my job hunting in the future and don’t get disheartened straight away. It could take a while to get anywhere, it’s why it’s important to jump at any opportunity. It was also advised that we be owned minded about the jobs we apply for. I really agree. Both Laura and katherine had jobs I had never heard of before. It was quite inspirational to see these jobs I had never heard of. It opens so many doors for me. A few speakers also mentioned that living somewhere that inspiring you is important so don’t be afraid to move somewhere for a job. I don’t want to move because I love where I live. I find it inspiring in its own way. Even though I am not moving, it is important to think about where I want to work. I should consider my own ethics and what or who inspires me to work. Its important to say something with our work so I preferably I would want to say something I agree or support with. Another piece of advice which I thought was great is to not box yourself in. Its better to be a jack of all trades than to be the master of none. Its more desired by employers. Another thing that is good for employers is to have personal piece in our portfolio. It shows are own passions and drives. Also that we are creative outside of work which is important for employers to know. It shows inactive and drive. Overall, I have learnt a lot and feel more knowledgable going into the world of work.

Dissertation Editorial: Initial Visuals

Below are the updates I have done so far which isn’t as far as id like to be. The inspiration for this design is the crisp packet vinegar chips. Its an iconic packet of crips I think and I love that simple yet iconic design it has. I did however use green as I had seen it being used in a few things and thought it looked really sophisticated. I had a critique today though to talk about how it’s going and what I could improve on. My tutors firstly said that I need to include illustration or photos to bring some life to the spread and tell the story of the writing. I knew this beforehand, I need to create some illustrations to show context to the dissertation. Im still insure on what I will create so this is something I’m going to be doing next. My tutor also brought up that my core system is good I could just experiment a little more. Playing with type weight, running heads and callouts could create more of a hierarchy. He said I just need to continue going and make sure I involve the playful subject more throughout the pages.

Going forward I want to continue playing with the hierarchy and editorial systems. I also need to create some illustrations to bring context back to the writing.

Dissertation Editorial: Research

On to some research, I wanted to find some editorial pieces that I find inspirational and that had some interesting formatting. I found this piece on Behance by multiple artists. This dissertation piece was written about how architectures is currently enduring a revolution between aesthetics and function and that this discord is now less concerning due to the discussions on gender, sexuality and space performances. It was actually quite difficult for me to understand the title of this dissertation, this was completely off my wave length.

The dissertation outcome however, I think is beautifully done. The outside it very structured and hard while the inside is quite experimental and airy with the muted colour story. This references the topic of architecture and gender and sex well I think. I really like how the designer thought about how this dissertation would be read and they have made it a fun experience. They use different hierarchy of type and space to make the reader drift across each page. They have also added diagrams and little illustrations to further illustrate the points being made. I love the deconstructed style of this editorial I think it works well for the topic of architecture. Each paragraph feels like a structure of type and they are building up the work. I just think this is a very well thought out piece with some interesting use of hierarchy, I would love to experiment like this in my own piece.

The above design is for a cook book which I found quite interesting. I want to create my dissertation around a cereal box and its content. This cookery book is set out really nice and has the same feel as a old science book which I enjoy. The type of layout would be a lovely idea for showing contextual illustrations in my own editorial.

Above is another dissertation editorial by a designer called Shaan Blackwood. I really liked the well thought out and meticulous design to her editorial. The illustrations she created for this project are really beautiful and fit so well with her subject. I really like the one colour colour scheme also, the colour really pops next to the black and white. I also think the outer packaging idea was really nice, this is something like I want to create. She has used bubble wrap which gives a lovely texture.

This next piece is one by Mark Brooks which is a program for a conference. I thought is was really bright and colourful, I love the use of contrasting colours to keep it fun even though the content isn’t. Again the illustrations created for this are really lovey they carry though the whole design and act as dividers. I quite like this idea its bold and the blocks work well as a ‘road’ block in the reading of this program. Another thing I quite enjoy is the way they have played with the imagery. They have coloured and cropped them to keep them fun and mysterious. Some of the unrecognisable photographs are quite beautiful.

Above are a few random pieces I found on a website but they didn’t state who by unfortunately. They all have either no colour, one colour or two. I am really liking the one colour editorials, I think they look simple but so quite elegant. Its maybe not a look I’m going for in this project but I enjoy it none the less. I also enjoy the fluid nature the spreads have. The type is really playful and airy which I enjoy. I want to be playful with my own work for the project. I want to experiment with some type formats and see what I can do.

This research was quite beneficial. I have seen some things that I might want to do in my own work like using few colours and keeping it playful. I also really enjoyed the cookery book and the way they use the illustrations to illustrate a point. I think next I want to start the making of visuals and start the designing process.

Sources Used:

(accessed 12th June 2020)

Dissertation Editorial: Initial Ideas

After our introduction I wanted to get my thoughts on this project on to paper. We were told that this project should be obvious or slightly cliché in relation to our topic. Since mine it about food and beverage packaging I wanted the outside to resemble food packaging. Below I draw a few ideas of how it could work.

I had an idea about using different packaging to make the front look different for instance using plastic removable sleeve or using a cardboard sleeve which could hold extra information about the dissertation. The front cover could then be made to recreate or reference a brand of food that might be stored in that way. Another way to do this could be to design the dissertation as a cereal box. The dissertation could slip inside the box and the box could be a recreation of an iconic cereal like Kelloggs or lucky charms. I had other ideas involving different packaging techniques but I thought the cereal box could be quite fun and eye catching especially if I did a recreation of the lucky charms packaging. I did some sketches of it to work out what the final outcome could look like.

For the inside I would just need to follow the branding of my chosen cereal brand and continue this style throughout. Perhaps the inside could reference the technical information you might see on the side of the box in the nutrition facts. I also thought about corresponding chapters to different cereal charms in the box. Each having their own ‘nutritional’ facts and information. Im still unsure though on how I might construct the bulk of the dissertation. Id like to do some further research to get some inspiration. I want this to look kitchy and fun but still look well done.

D4RL: Final Upadtes

I have updated the app for this project quite a lot. One of the things I did was rethink the colour scheme so it is brighter and so they worked better for all types of colour blindness. I used a website that helped me see the new colour scheme through different lenses. All of the colours worked out well and still stood out from one another. I also changed the imagery to make it simpler to understand. I used a repeated road scene to link app pages together and hopefully make it easier to understand for the users.

Colour blindness chart for the colour scheme and example of how it works:

Competition: Final Updates

For my final updates to my competition brief, there were a few updates I thought were necessary. The first being to make the website more professional looking as I felt I could do better to make it look more realistic and ergonomic. The second was something that was briefly mentioned in my last critique which was that to make sure the campaign branding is consistent. I did both of these and I feel the campaign came out nicely and much more professional looking. I feel happy with my outcome and I feel it fits the brief.

FMP: The Re-branding

After looking back at the branding I started previously I felt really uninspired, a week had past where I didn’t do much work because of moving, so I felt I wanted to rethink and come up with another image bank for some inspiration. I felt incorporating more colours into the campaign could be a good idea and could brighten up the branding. I also wanted to re look at the type experiments and create something a bit more interesting to look at.

I first wanted to pick out a new typeface. I love the idea of using old Word type graphics as a retro nod but mixing that with current colours and glitch effects. This type of retro styling with bright colours is really popular right now so it might catch the eye of my target audience. Above are some of the typefaces that I was deciding between. I chose to use Fredoka One as it has those retro vibes but still feel modern and current.

For the colour scheme I created quite a few swatches that I was interested in. I tried to keep them colourful and bright to engage and excite the audience. They are also colour schemes that I think are quite current and the generation I am targeting might like. The two I like the most are the two largest text trials. One is slightly 90’s feeling with the muted yet colourful choice and the other is very bright, modern and slightly kitchy. However, because I want a very bright, eye catching campaign I think I am going to go with the one on the left. Its more modern feeling and the colours are quite current.

Above are a few ideas of the type I want to create for this brand. In my creative brief I mentioned that I want to create an experimental typeface which I still want to do. I think next id like to look at some distorted type and experiment some more to create a typeface that would fit this campaign.

FMP: The Planning

After the recent updates I have decided to just more forward with the adverts for the campaign and the website. I could create other relevant things along the way if I see fit but I will see how it goes. For now I wanted to think about how I will get the attention of the target audience thorough the social media ads. They have to be bold and stand out against the hundreds of other posts online. I did start the branding for the project but looking back I don’t feel very inspired and I feel I could do something better. I know I want to change the colour scheme as I felt restricted to the two colours I had picked. The colours will be really important to stand out. I think something else that will help them to stand out is if they are moving image much like the ones I saw in my research. They could be quick snappy little gifs that grab the audiences attention. Maybe with changing colours, so it’s really stand out. I do have to take in to account though how I will say the message in a quick little ad. This is why below I had started mapping this out.

One of my ideas were to have text which is something jarring about the topic flashing between the morphed faces that I was experimenting previously with. Then in the caption to the advert it explains the campaign and refers them to the website. My peers thought this idea could be good and quite meaningful. Coming up with the text however is my downfall as I’m not great with words. I spoke to my peers about it and come up with a few sentences. I think a few of them could be worked on and could work for the adverts for this campaign. They just need to be mixed with really strong branding and imagery which hopefully will intrigue my audience.

For the website I started to roughly map out a user journey. I know for the target audience it needs to be easy to use and not have tons of bulky information so it doesn’t scare them off. I tried to keep it really user friendly and spaced out so there aren’t huge blocks of text that bore the user. I next want to relook at the branding and start on the designing.