Professional Practice

For the main part of our professional practice project we have to create our cv, portfolio and online portfolio. I first wanted to look at my ones from last year and see what I can improve on. I remember I didn’t feel that happy with them last year so I want to change that for this year.

Above is my cv. One of the clique I did get last year was that my typeface for my name should be more legible. This is the first thing I want to fix. I also want to add some colour to brighten it up a bit and to add some hierarchy. As for the content, it was alright. It needs to be reworded I think to sound better but I think most of the correct information is there.

For the portfolio it is much the same. I do however like the sleek feel this had. I also enjoy the enlarged views of my project, I will continue this to my new portfolio. I will also continue to have the blurb at the back which has my information and a bit about me. Its quite helpful if for some reason it went lost.

For my next portfolio I want a brighter and more fun feel. One that says I’m excited to work.

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